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Welcome to my wonderful blog! It may not interest you much, but this blog is simply a digital scrapbook where I keep my thoughts, feelings and the captured moments of my life. I'm a college student and Walmart cashier, just recently starting to grasp the world and change my life. I'm getting it all down, refusing to forget these days, in this blog.

>>> GREECE <<<

Here ya go.


Again, I haven’t been on this blog in ages…

I wanted to start using it again. But there’s so many long gaps between the last times I used it, that I think I’m gonna let it be, and start a new one, nice and refresh. I don’t want my memories of Greece to be built over, or those random reblogs to disappear. To dig through those under new stuff will probably be a pain.

Plus, I’m really working hard on changing who I am lately. I’ve been thinking so much about my life right now. I’ve failed so many classes in the past two years and declared a major. I want to show these people that this person of the past two years is not who I am. I want to prove to all the computer science geeks that I can be just like them and maybe more.

I’m embarrassed to say to these people that I’ve failed a couple math classes, been indecisive and uncaring for my education, while they breeze through and are ready to graduate. If I planned my life accordingly, I probably wouldn’t be in the boat I am now.

I was once so motivated, but now money and little time hang over me. I need to change things. This is why I want to start a new blog. I want it to be like my goal book; encouraging me, helping me move through. Something needs to change. I can’t live my life like this anymore.

I’ll post the new blog once I’ve got it.

For now, goodbye xWis, the old blog.


I haven’t been on this blog in ages…

And I just went through the tagged posts of Greece.

I can’t remember typing most of those posts. At all.

Or doing any of those things I described.

My memory is horrible. It makes me sad.

This is why I need an exceptional photographer at my wedding.

BTW, I’m getting married.

I think. O.o Long story.

She thinks she’s so cute with all that fuzz. Mmm.